Industrial Electrification

We offer you enclosing solutions and industrial components for the most demanding environments. We are a reliable and flexible partner with experienced people. Our sound knowledge of many applications and various raw materials, make us a real expert in this field. You can rely on our competence and quality.

Our enclosures and components are developed for demanding industrial environments requiring a high degree of protection and extreme durability. We offer you high-quality standard and customer-specific enclosing solutions. We also support your operations with high-quality terminals, load-break switches and fuse bases that are designed and tested to meet a wide range of applications in various environments.

Our enclosures and components are continually developed for long lifespans and to withstand the toughest conditions on earth. Durable products mean uninterrupted operations, lower maintenance costs and, above all, satisfied customers.

Reliable long term partner

Ensto is a financially solid family-owned company founded in 1958. We have modern production facilities and quality assured processes, offering excellent customer care.

Experienced professionals

We are experts with 60 years experience in industrial solutions. We have knowledge of solutions made for a wide range of applications in various environments and an excellent design team to support your processes.

Fast deliveries

You get our products when you need them. This brings cost-savings, helping you optimize your operations.

Certified products

Our products are designed and tested to serve a broad range of industrial applications, in diverse environments.

Products with long service life

Thanks to their clever design, our enclosures and components are reliable and have a long lifespan. This brings you savings on installation maintenance and replacement costs.

Engineering services for your specific needs

Our innovative specialists are happy to support your engineering department in finding cost-effective solutions for your specific needs, saving your resources and making your processes leaner.

NEW! Ensto PolyBox – rugged industrial enclosures for demanding environments

Ensto PolyBox enclosures are rugged industrial polycarbonate enclosures with unique and innovative features, such as the integral nonmetallic latch and a corner elevator mounting system for adjustable hinged front kits and back panels.

  • US style traditional non-metallic enclosure design, but now with new stylish and robust feel & looks.
  • JIC*- size polycarbonate enclosure series
    • Changeable to any older design.
  • Multiple modification possibilities
    • Hinged front kits
    • Adjustable corner elevator parts
  • Technical features and approval on high level

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We are specialists in enclosures and customer specific enclosing solutions. Our standard product range includes thermoplastic, polyester, and aluminium enclosures, with the related accessories suitable for demanding environments. Our enclosing solutions protect your electronic equipment in numerous applications from various external risk factors, among them dust, water, moisture, impacts and tampering. Thanks to their high degree of protection and impact strength, our solutions are able to withstand challenging environments in even the most demanding industries.

Typical applications include:

  • Food industry and agriculture
  • Infrastructure Shipbuilding and transportation
  • Industrial automation
  • Energy production

Thermoplastic enclosures

Ensto Cubo thermoplastic enclosures are manufactured in high-quality halogen-free and recyclable polycarbonate or ABS plastics. Although plastic is much lighter than steel, it has very high impact-resistance. In addition, any dents or bumps are not as noticeable in plastic as they would be with steel. Both machining and maintenance of our thermoplastic enclosures is easy, and no special tools are needed.

  • Greater material thickness
  • Fibreglass-reinforced bases
  • Cost-efficient mold modifications
  • Lightweight products
  • Durability and easy maintenance

Thermoplastic enclosures

Polyester enclosures

The enclosures are made of glass-reinforced polyester and are extremely durable. They can replace stainless steel enclosures in challenging conditions. The cost-effective polyester enclosing solution used is UV-resistant, has self-extinguishing properties and is halogen-free. The cabinets can be used in various environments and application areas such as maritime, metering and control, renewable energies as well as water and waste water treatment.

  • Quick deliveries
  • Wide temperature range
  • Suitable for outdoor use

Polyester enclosures

Aluminium enclosures

The weight of aluminium is only about a quarter of that of steel. It has high impactresistance, a wide temperature-resistance range and excellent corrosion-resistance.

  • Quick deliveries
  • Wide size range
  • Light weight
  • Excellent water-resistance

Aluminium enclosures

Fire Protection - Maintaining functionality in the event of a fire

Technical equipment with function maintenance is critical at all locations where large numbers of people tend to gather such as airports, hospitals, government agencies and industrial plants.

We offer high-quality fire protection junction boxes made from plastics and metals. Our solutions are developed for demanding industrial use requiring durability. The product range comprises junction boxes made of plastic and metal, especially manufactured for fire resistant cable systems. We also produce our own high temperature-resistant ceramic terminals.

Save time - ease of installation

  • Everything factory-mounted
  • Terminal rail, easy to mount/dismount
  • Quick-release cover screws

High temperature-resistant ceramic terminals

  • The conductive terminal body is made of a special alloy with a very high melting point
  • Ensto terminals

Tapping blocks

  • Ceramic 1-pole tapping terminals
  • Large tapping capacity – 4 conductor spaces
  • Easy to expand later on – tapping places may be left as a reserve

Ensto Vulcano plastic junction boxes

The Ensto Vulcano plastic fire protection junction boxes are manufactured from halogen-free thermoplastic with ceramic terminals. Junction boxes are tested to E30, E60, E90, according to DIN 4102-12. The degree of protection is IP65.

Ensto Vulcano plastic junction boxes

Ensto Vulcano steel junction boxes

Ensto Vulcano steel fire protection junction boxes are manufactured from polyester painted mild steel. They meet the degree of protection of IP65 and impact resistance of IK09. The boxes are equipped with ceramic terminals.

Ensto Vulcano steel junction boxes

Terminals, switches and fuse bases for industrial use

Critical to the safety of your operations

We support your operations with high-quality terminals, load-break switches and fuse bases that are designed and tested to meet a wide range of applications in various environments.

You can rely on our components as they are certified against demanding industry standards to ensure high performance and quality of your operations.

We have sound experience of industrial components targeted at the OEM industries and panel builders.

Our special strengths include:

  • Production and assembly, also in low cost countries (LCC)
  • Large selection of high-quality components for a global clientele


Our Ensto Clampo terminals are specially developed for the needs of the industry. Our offering includes a large range of terminal series, some of which are suitable for both aluminium and copper conductors.

The Ensto Clampo Pro universal terminal series is a versatile solution for all installation needs, ranging from low-voltage switchgear and control gears for industry and construction to building automation. Terminals also available for 1000 V applications.

  • Connecting aluminium and copper conductors
  • Smaller stocks and reduced costs
  • Wide application range
  • Wide cross-section range


Load break switches

Our range of load break switches consists of three-pole switch disconnectors, additional poles and accessories. The switches are certified according to EN 60947-3.

  • Combined switch and disconnector
  • Designed and tested to work as a disconnector
  • Load break switch for demanding use
  • Suitable for overvoltage category IV

Load break switches

Fuse bases

Our range of fuse bases covers ceramic single fuse bases and fuse blocks suitable for D-type (Diazed) fuses of sizes DII and DIII. The fuse bases are certified according to standards EN 60269-1 and HD 60269-3.

  • High breaking capacity
  • Reliable isolation
  • Flexibility
  • Good selectivity

Fuse bases